The city braces for winter. Shorts and sandals are packed away in closets, replaced by boots and sweaters. Scraggly long-johns are re-discovered and moved to underwear drawers.

Some people look forward to wearing their winter jackets, and others think it’s about time for a new one. Everyone reassesses the suitability of his winter jacket for this year’s run through. Women entertain the idea of buying expensive new boots, and mothers hope their children won’t need a whole new wardrobe for the season. Molly wants a new hat that she saw another girl wearing on the playground today.

Molly is a liar and her father Dave knows this. She is only six years old, but Dave has caught her lying more times than he can count.

“I need a new hat for school” says Molly.
“What’s wrong with the ones you have?” asks Dave.
“They don’t fit, and I lost them.”
“Well which one is it? Did you lose all of your hats?”
“No, they don’t fit” says Molly.
“What does your mother say?”
“She said to ask you.”
“Okay I can get a new hat?”
“I guess so, if they don’t fit” says Dave.
“Tomorrow?” asks Molly.
“Tomorrow” says Dave.